Sara TV board


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Warm chestnut shining brass legs Urban TV board with a natural feelード

【Minimal modeling method by a traditional craftsman工法】
【A brass leg that has a light and dark texture like chestnut and shines dullly鍮脚】

Have a unique presence by fusing each other
Patina, TV board。

By cutting the front edge and the front plate with 45で、
It has a design that eliminates the presence of each and cuts out a single tree.す。

In addition, the rocking method wood is processed into convex and concave parts and assembled to accommodate shrinkage of solid wood, which is also a design point.ております。

The finish is beautiful even if you look at the paulownia box inside、
Robust construction without using one nail。
The drawer uses a soft close that closes slowly, and the central acrylic space makes it easy to operate the remote control even when it is closed.す。

The original brass legs are manufactured at the sawmill factory in Tsubame Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, which is famous for metal processing.にて製造。
Since it is unpainted, you can enjoy the changes over time.。

  Chestnut in the northeastern part of the body栗
  Drawer withdrawal paulownia:桐 
  Leg brass鍮
■Painting oil finishュ
■Size W1800D400H450mm0(mm)
※Product size in the photo W1800







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