Sara Module Sofa (Arm)


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「Sit down properly and relax on the couch Sleeping spaciously Sofa that can sit in three positionsれるソファ。

Patina Sofa has been designed with the concept of being used in three different postures: sitting comfortably on the sofa and relaxing and sleeping.に設計しました。

By setting the depth to 900 mm or less, we have realized a compact size that is easy to use even in condominiums.す。

The frame of the main body is processed by the rocking method wood to be convex and concave and assembled to accommodate shrinkage of solid wood, which is also a design pointています。

The original brass legs used in the Patina, series are、
I asked a sawmill factory in Tsubame Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, which is famous for metal processing, to dare to enjoy the secular change because it is unpainted.可能です。

There is also a small shelf on the back.す。

■Material Tohoku North chestnut flooring only paulowniaみ桐

■Painting oil finishュ
・3P W2000D880H810SH400mm0(mm)
・2P W1700D880H810SH 400mm0(mm)
・Ottoman W880D880H400mm(mm)
・Exclusive pillow cushion 500500 mmmm)

A grade polyester 100%
B grade cotton 100%
C grade polyester 50 acrylic 35 nylon 15 easy cleanクリーン)







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