Patina, Dining table


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Dining table tailored to the purpose of selecting the desired function with partsル

Unit table was developed for the purpose of expanding the use as a table by giving the leg functionality.した。

<Standard leg>
A table leg with a simple design allows you to use the top plate extensivelyす。
The rocking construction method that assembles the wood with unevenness improves durability and accents the design.す。


<Storage type legs>
Consists of a drawer and drawerされ、
You can store small items and magazines and live a refreshing life.す。
It is also recommended for teleworking and as a living room for children to use as a tool holder for documents and textbooks.です。

The drawer is made by a paulownia chest craftsman, and the handle metal fittings are made of brass.ます。

White and black reversible sliding doors。
White is a matte texture with grain like ceramics、
Black has a glossy texture like lacquer。

<Connecting leg>
Connecting legs that can be added with a top plate。
It is also possible to make an oversized table by using thisす。
Recommended not only for home use but also for offices and stores。


■Material: North Tohoku chestnut

■Painting: Oil finish

■ Size
Top plate 5 typeプ

3 legsプ
Standard W100D900H720720
Connected W100 D900H720720
Storage W300D900H720720







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